Friday Reads: Jackson Pollock

I had a hard time getting my hands on a copy of Jackson Pollock: An American Saga by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, which is surprising considering it won the Pulitzer in 1991. You’d think this award-winning biography of one of the world’s most famous artists would be readily available everywhere. After reading the […]

Judge the book cover: A Christmas Carol

Despite the fact that I haven’t read all the books on my Christmas reading list from last year, I am definitely going to reread A Christmas Carol again sometime this month. It’s an annual tradition that I’ve really grown to love and look forward to. In my opinion, A Christmas Carol is not a book […]

The art of the paperback

“They can be stuffed in purses, left in buses, dropped in toilets, used as coasters, eaten and thrown away. Their covers can be ripped off! Their spines can be broken! To buy a paperback today is to buy the means of revenging oneself on Western culture.” – John Leonard, New York Times Book Review editor […]


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